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Electrical Wiring is Best Left to the Pros

Tri-J ElectricElectrical wiring problems can be caused by many different issues. Although it may be tempting to fix these items yourself, handling electricity is often better left to the pros. This is especially true if you’re experiencing electrical wiring issues and don’t know the source of the problem.

Common Electrical Wiring Problems

Ground Fault Problems. A ground fault device prevents shocks by stopping the flow of electricity. Having this device installed by a professional will ensure the ground fault is working correctly, which could avoid a serious injury.

Open circuits. A professional can help prevent and fix open circuits. This occurs when there is a discontinuation in the wiring path that isn’t intentional. This may be a breakage or a loose wire that needs fixing. The result of this issue is devices that stop working for no apparent reason. A professional can diagnose the problem and quickly and safely fix the electrical wiring issue.

Fixing Bad Devices. Sometimes a device like a dimmer switch or ceiling fan is installed correctly, but doesn’t work. This usually means the device is faulty and needs replacement. A professional electrician will be able to evaluate this issue and determine if there’s an electrical wiring problem or if the device is faulty.

Circuit Box Issues. If you’re circuit breaker trips turn it off and back on, if it does not reset to not attempt repair. It might be time for a new box, or you may have faulty equipment. An electrician will test the ability of your circuit box to handle a reasonable amount of energy, and determine the cause of the overload.



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